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Well...long story short, my mom died Wednesday night.

Not much I'm willing to divulge detail wise but I'll just say it wasn't "natural causes".
(If anyone seriously wants to know feel free to PM me, I don't want to say what happened on here)

I may not have liked her that much. In fact I can't say I was super fond of her after the shit she pulled that ended up causing her and my dad to get divorced. But she was still my mom. I mean anything in the world could happen but that'd still be pretty true. I mean I literally wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her (haha).

It was about a decade when her and my dad got divorced and I hadn't seen her since. I talked to her on random occassions on the phone but that was it.

Now at some point later (since she was living in Kentucky at the time) the next time I'm going to be anywhere near her again is when we have a memorial service for her. She is going to be cremated and her urn is going to be buried.

And I'm not sure how to handle all of this. Even though I didn't see eye to eye with her I still lost a pretty important member of my family which you really can't replace. I haven't been able to really let it sink in that shes really gone. I keep expecting her to randomly call my sister or see her pop up on Facebook chatting with her and really wanting to see a car my sister is in the process of working on get finished. It's a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed "rat rod". My sister and I both love that movie because she turned us onto it and we've watched it an ungodly amount of times ever since we were kids. In light of these events, my sister lost all drive to finish it. Now she wants to finish it as a bit of a tribute to her so she can say she has it done because of how badly my mom wanted to see it get done.

As for me, she wanted me to add her on Facebook and talk to me so much. And I kept blowing her off because I was still mad at her. And now I'm never going to get the opportunity to tell her I was sorry for that. And that I still loved her. I can still hear her voice from when I got to talk to her on the phone. Calling me "Mikey" (because my middle name is Michael) and her telling me that she loved me. And part of me doesn't want to accept that she's really gone. But I know eventually it's going to hit me a lot harder than it has been all week and I don't know what I'm going to do. Everyone has been going out of their way to contact my dad and sister and comfort them but no one has even tried coming to me to see how I'm doing. I mean I'm honestly doing my best to not full on start crying sometimes. I did right before typing all of this. My half-brother made a video collage of pics of her to a song she really liked and about halfway into it I needed to put my phone down because I felt like I was about to start crying, then after I felt a bit better I started it up again and I just started crying my eyes out.


I'm still going to be on here.
I'm still going to be carrying on as I have before and always will. And have been trying to since then
And I know eventually I'm going to be "fine" I guess.
But I'm just dealing with a lot of stuff at the moment and this was all shit that's been on my mind for almost a week now. I called off work the day after I found out because I really didn't want all this to hit me as hard as it did while driving to or from work and I just all around wasn't really feeling like I'd be able to handle going in in light of what happened.

Getting some small work done on my Ranchero

2016-07-13 00:44:29 by Viper

Kinda wanted to make a new post since the previous one was up for like 4 1/2 months.

As of right now my Ranchero is sitting at a garage in town. I'm getting a spring in the seat that goes on what adjusts the seat replaced so I can drive the damn thing and not worry about the seat rocking back and forth and so I can actually reach the pedals due to the fact it moves all the way back and all the way forward making it pretty dangerous to drive otherwise. Also getting full moon hubcaps put on.

This car...truck...thing is a fuckin beast. Other than getting the hubcaps on and getting the seat fixed, I need the radio worked on because it's not working at the moment so I'm thinking a mouse chewed through a wire. It's got a 12 disc CD changer in it. I also need to thoroughly clean the bed and get it lined as well as get a couple small rust spots starting to form fixed before they get worse. They're in the rear lower corners by the back tires. They're not BAD right now but it'd be better if I took care of them SOON rather than later on.


(fucking thing has KITT lights in the grill and I want to get more to fill the whole thing up to have on at car shows)


And here it is with the hubcaps on it. Looks fucking sharp as hell.


Bought myself a Mustang

2016-02-29 18:40:54 by Viper

A '71 Mach I to be precise.

Cost me $4600. The person was asking $4800 but they went down.

I'm probably gonna end up having to dump another $10k into this before it's 100% perfectly finished. But it'll be worth it. Considering these things can command huge amounts of money when they're in amazing condition.


Heres the color up close because the picture:
1. Doens't do it justice
2. The hood is a different color than the rest of the car


Okay the main thing I NEED on the interior is the rest of the back seat.
What I mean by this is that the back seat folds down flat and theres a "trap door" that goes into the trunk.

Going from something like this


To this


Now whats up with this is:
1. That "trap door" I can get cheap. And by cheap I mean like $100-150.
2. The plastic parts around the "trap door" together are going to cost about $350.
3. The rest of the fold down part (shown in the second picture) is gonig to end up costing me nearly $1000.
So with carpet and all that inside (JUST the carpet and sound deadener for under the carpet) along with the aforementioned parts, it'd cost me roughly $1,700 unless I find cheaper stuff for it.

Aaaand I'm back

2016-01-09 15:04:36 by Viper

Been wildly inactive for nearly a year now. Had computer issues and wasn't too into getting my computer fixed for like the 4th time. So I just went on hiatus here and only posted periodically or got exp.

But I got myself a laptop today. So hey. Guess I'm back.

Looking forward to starting to post and talk to people on here again. Really missed it ._.

And the benefit went well

2015-05-03 16:28:55 by Viper

My sister and I went on and did 5 songs. We ended up changing our setlist. We expanded it to 7 then had to cut it down at short notice due to the first actual band taking forever to set up.
We played: Bad Moon Rising, Butthole Surfers - TV Star, Science Fiction Double Feature, Do You Realize?? by Flaming Lips, and Last Kiss. We had to cut out the songs About A Girl and Cover Of The Rolling Stone.

After that my cousin and his gf's sister went on. I DO NOT like her. At all. She dresses like a skank all the fucking time and thinks shes the best singer ever. She isn't. And it's very apparent. Shes like one of those people who auditions for American Idol and doesn't even get past the auditioning phase because they just all around suck. Anyways. They did I wanna say 4 songs. All of them "newer" songs that are crappy Top 40 stuff and a random Green Day song. And she can't sing in the correct key for those.

After they were on the first band (Momentum) went on. They play rock music from the 60s and 70s. Mostly stuff like The Hollies, Ringo Starr, Beatles, Blues Brothers kinda stuff. I introduced a guitarist of the band the 13th Floor Elevators since they're from the same time period of stuff they play. And he seemed really interested in em. So who knows. Maybe they'll play a song by em or something. They use all vintage gear (aside maybe drums) and even have those really old 40-50s mics. You know the ones I'm talking about.

Anyways. Then at the end of the night  my old guitar teacher's band went on. They play 70s-now hard rock and are called Vinyl Tap. They were playing stuff like Aerosmith, ACDC, Simple Minds (you know....the song at the end of The Breakfast Club), Queen, Rolling Stones, etc. It was fun. And I was headbanging like crazy and now my neck still hurts from it. I was also slam dancing and jumping all around and doing stuff while they were on. I really only did it cause no one else other than my sister and our friend Hannah were doing anything. So my doing that got a huge group of other people to come over and dance too and it made the rest of the night fun for everyone else.

Theres video of the whole night. But as far as I know my uncle hasn't uploaded it anywhere.

Playing at a benefit thing for my aunt

2015-04-17 22:36:07 by Viper

On the 2nd of next month I'm going to be playing an acoustic set with my sister at a benefit for our aunt. She is in the middle of dealing with cancer and we're having the benefit to try raising money to cover medical bills.

At the moment my sister and I are going to be playing 6 songs (maybe more) and those songs are:

Science Fiction Double Feature from Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Saga Of Jesse Jane by Alice Cooper

Bad Moon Rising by CCR

About A Girl by Nirvana

Wooden Song by Butthole Surfers

and Easy Livin' by Uriah Heep

Happy Birthday to me and whatever

2015-03-17 11:03:33 by Viper

Yay todays my birthday.

I have to work and even if I didn't I'd have nothing to do and no one to hang out with or anything anyways. So it's not like it makes a real big difference.

Been an eternity since I made a post...

2014-10-23 22:27:39 by Viper

Well I guess I might as well make a post.

Since my last one (about 7 months ago) a bunch of stuff has "gone down". Got a job, been to a few concerts (some coming up), bought some random crap, yadda yadda yadda.

Concerts I've been to since I last posted: Ghost/King Dude and American Sharks/Big Business/Red Fang. Next sunday I'm going to see Sabaton/Skeletonwitch/Amon Amarth and then in December I'm seeing Red Fang/In Flames/Opeth.

I'm also doing that "31 Days of Horror Challenge" my current movie list is as follows:

01 The House That Drips Blood On Alex
02 Phantom of the Opera
03 The Evil Dead
04 The Evil Dead 2
05 Horror Hotel
06 Candyman
07 The Giant Gila Monster
08 Day of the Triffids
09 Bloodsuckers
10 Satanic Rites Of Count Dracula
11 Lady Frankenstein
12 The Terror
13 Dead Men Walk
14 Silent Night, Bloody Night
15 House On Haunted Hill
16 The Omen
17 The Last Man On Earth
18 I, Monster
19 Night of the Living Dead
20 Dawn of the Dead
21 Day of the Dead
22 Re-Animator
23 The Wizard of Gore
24 The Phantom Planet
25 Alucarda
26 Le Noche del Terror Ciego (Tombs of the Blind Dead)
27 Fiend Without A Face
28 Within The Woods
29 Texas Chainsaw Massacre
30 La Noche de Walpurgis
31 Army of Darkness

And done :P

Mah Birthday ._.

2014-03-17 12:18:03 by Viper

Woo I'm offically 21 now. Yippie for me. I can technically drink legally now. But I don't really want to. Doesn't sound all that appealing to me to be honest.

Not much else to say I guess. My last post was up for nearly 4 months and not a whole lot happened from then til now. Other than I have a girlfriend now. We've been "going out" since like mid-February but we weren't officially going out til March 8th.

We went on a short birthday date thingy on Saturday because she lives like 2 hours away from here and can only come over on the weekends. We went bowling and ate lunch at Wendy's (haha). Then I came back home and she gave me a dozen Red Velvet cupcakes that she made for me. I still have like 3 left. And on Saturday I have a birthday party to go to for my Grandma. Who I happen to share my birthday with. Though the party is pretty much just for her. Though we were told that we can still bring a cake or whatever for me too.

Just going to start off saying that I never listened to that first band before going to the concert. After listening to them at the concert I find them pretty awesome. If you want to listen to them heres a link to their bandcamp.

This is how my day started.
I got like an hour of sleep yesterday morning. For some reason I felt like taking a 2 hour long shower at roughly 1 in the morning. Then I sat up til around 4:30 and fell asleep in my bed with a towel wrapped around my head and woke up with completely dry and soft hair. After doing papers from 6 - 11 I got home and my dad kept telling me to go get some sleep because I pretty much got none. I ended up falling asleep at 2ish and got another 3 1/2 hours of sleep in and somehow managed to not over sleep and miss the concert.

I left home with my sister at around 5:30 and made it to the town the concert was in at around 6:30. So it was about an hour drive. Give or take a couple minutes.

So we get to the venue and go and park in this parking garage near the building and walk down the street to the venue.
The doors were supposed to open at 7 so we had to stand outside and wait for them to open. But they decided to dick around in the building and not let anyone in til almost a half hour after they were supposed to. So me and my sister stood around outside in line to get inside the building for almost an hour and (with wind chill) the temp was below freezing.

When we finally made it into the building I immediately went to the merch table to see what they had there. At the time I bought a shirt of The Sword's. It's a large "Hidden Masters" shirt. I got a chance to look around at Clutch and American Sharks merch tables too but didn't feel like getting anything from either at the time. After we left the merch table we got back to where we decided we wanted to stand during the show. Which was pretty close to the stage. And by that I don't mean we were like right in the front. There were like 4 rows of people in front of us and then there was a gap and then the stage. Well when we got back to our spot my sister decides to ask me to go back and get her a shirt because she couldn't do it herself while we were there. She got a small "Hawks & Serpents" shirt.

After that we just stayed where we were before when we got back to our spot. Though more and more people started pouring into the building by that time.

So finally after being in there for a half hour the lights went down a bit and the band American Sharks came on.
I'll be honest here. I had no fucking idea who they were when I initially saw they were going to be playing. But they were actually pretty good. While we were going home my sister said that the singer/bassist apparently "looks like me".
I don't really see it. This be he by the way.

Back onto the concert stuff.
American Sharks were only on for a little under 30 minutes. Which surprised me to be honest. It didn't feel like it was 30 minutes. I can't get a copy of what their set list was but I'm fairly certain it was just a run through of their first and so far only album which is also titled "American Sharks". After every other song the singer kept talking about how he was "talking to Kyle Shutt (guitarist of The Sword) in his "ear piece"" and how Kyle had some disease and that it was all over the major news networks like: CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera..... he later revealed that Kyle's disease is what doctors call "Tit-to-mouth". And that Kyle "needs to suck on all dem titties" haha. After they finished both me and my sister agreed that they were pretty good and I decided I'd go get a CD of theirs at their merch table after The Sword's set.

While we were standing around someone was up onstage checking The Sword's equipment and was doing a sound check to make sure everything was working properly. While this was going on the dude who was next to me said to someone else in the crowd "Hey The Sword have only one guy checking all their instruments. How economical." or something along the lines of that.
Afterwards people slowly approach the front area of the crowd The Sword finally came on at I wanna say 9.
I can't remember what their set list was to be honest. This is their "average" set list according to but I know for a fact they didn't play these songs in this order.
Cloak of Feathers
How Heavy This Axe
Tres Brujas
The Hidden Masters
The Veil of Isis
Arrows in the Dark
Dying Earth
Maiden, Mother & Crone
To Take the Black
Seven Sisters

In addition to that they played Lawless Lands but didn't play To Take The Black. Throughout the tour they were kinda half and half when it came to shows with encores and we unfortunately caught em when they didn't feel like doing one. Though when it came to encores they varied depending on what they did during their set and other times they covered Working Man by Rush or Cheap Sunglasses by ZZ Top.

Right when the song Tres Brujas (third to last song) was about to start this dude decided he'd go in front of me and the dude who was standing next to me. While The Sword were playing the song the dude started jumping up and down and attempted to start a mosh pit even though Mosh Pits aren't allowed in the building. The dude was getting so annoying that the dude next to me kept trying to move him out of the way because he was blocking both mine and his view of almost the entire stage. And it got the point where he full on shoved him because he wouldn't stop. Then before things got "serious" someone behind me got in between em and broke up anything that may or may not have happened.

After The Sword finished me and my sister were standing for a couple minutes and then she asked if I wanted to stick around for Clutch because she wasn't a big fan of em and because she was getting really tired and whatnot and I told her it was up to her since she was my ride to and from there. We ended up deciding on moving further back and went back to the merch table because there were a few more things I wanted to get while I was there. I got a Sword poster and an American Sharks CD. While I was walking to the merch table the guitarist from American Sharks was walking away from the merch table to I went and shook his hand and said that they did really good and he said thanks. The drummer from American Sharks was at the merch table and he was the one who gave me my CD.
Also this is the Sword poster I got. Blah blah. They only made 90 of em and mines #74.

After I got all my stuff me and my sister were kinda just hanging around in a VERY crowded room because I'm fairly certain about 80% of the people who went to the show came just for Clutch. We decided we'd stick around for a couple of Clutch's songs and then go. We ended up leaving after the second one.

While we were heading back to the car I turned to my sister and point blank told her "Ya know. I don't really trust any part of Joliet at night." (the show was at Mojoes in Joliet, Illinois). To which she replied that she only trusts the parts of Joliet that are near the mall because thats the general area in which shes more familiar with.

So we got in the car and started the long trek home. While on our way home she asked me if I had anything to eat during the day and at that moment I realized I ate pretty much nothing at all so we stopped off and Taco Bell (because she had to go to the bathroom) at like 11 at night and I got a chicken taco and one of those chicken griller things. She got 2 of these cheese rollup things (It's pretty much just cheese inside of a taco shell) and some nachos.
When we were leaving the Taco Bell parking lot I said something about how my griller felt bigger than the ones i normally get and thats because they pretty much filled it with nothing but chicken. Which was fucking awesome.
And I don't know how but my sister somehow forgot that I had that and thought I only got a chicken taco even though I had her hold onto the griller when I got my taco out of the bag of stuff.
We also passed by a cop who was parked waiting for people who were breaking the law to pass by so he could stop em and she was going 10 mph over the speed limit and I didn't have my seat belt on and he didn't do anything. He even looked right at us while we were going by too. Then we got home at about midnight and then I got onto Newgrounds to see if I missed anything while I was gone.
So thats pretty much all of what happened.

\/pic of The Sword onstage below\/

American Sharks + The Sword + Clutch