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Updates and Other Stuff

2017-05-28 22:30:07 by Viper

Wanted to get that really depressing post off the front of my profile so...I guess update on some other stuff that's been going on on my end.

1. I now have both quarter panels, a new grille, a new glove box for my Mustang and am looking to get some more interior parts for it soon. I hope I can have all (or at least a massive chunk) of the body work done by the end of summer if I can find someone who can get the quarter panels on it without my needing to sell my soul to cover the cost.

2. My dad recently bought a 1985 Avanti II. It was a like 2 1/2 hour drive just to go get it and an over 3 hour drive back because he was driving the car home and I was driving his car back and he needed to follow me home. Thing is though. The spedometer decided to stop working while we were driving on a busy highway and he had no idea how fast he was going so he kept trailing REALLY far behind and I needed to periodically call him to see where he was because I could not see him at all. Needless to say. When we got the car home he said he didn't like it like at all. Now after having it for like 2 weeks, he's come around to really liking it. I might add a picture of it on here if I can find the one I took of it.



Since the picture upload is acting like a bitch I'm just going to post a link to the picture of the car here\/

3. My grandma went to the hospital and we found out she "had" skin cancer. I say "had" because the doctors are saying that they got it all but I'm honestly skeptical because when my aunt had cancer they said the same thing more than once and yet it kept coming back. This is the second time shes had to deal with some form of cancer. First time she had breast cancer. I didn't want to put this at #1 because I had an entire post of depressing shit before this and didn't want to start off a new one with even MORE depressing shit.

4. For my 3rd year "anniversary" of working where I'm working I was <ins>made</ins> to go on a week long paid vacation. I'm not complaining about it. I'd be pretty stupid to complain about having an entire week off and being paid for it because I had vacation time built up and if I didn't take the vacation those vacation hours would have gone away or whatever. Though what I AM a little irritated about was the fact that I was put in a job all last week that I hadn't been in in well over a month and specifically on some of the busiest days of the year.

5. I'm legitimately considering buying new and sturdier shelving for my records and all of my other shit so I can get rid of the ones in my room that are falling apart. Then I can properly store all of my records and not have numerous stacks all over my room .-.


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2017-06-14 02:57:02

Glad this post is less depressing than the last one, which reminds me to try and take a better picture of my back, to check for weird shit. I've got so many internal problems, it'd be nice to solve some exterior ones.

Just reading about the Avante, which I haven't seen IRL since last century, had no idea its heritage, or that they kept building them up until 2007. Glad you got some more parts ready to go, say you got Steam? There's a few games for old motorheads like us. Or are you mainly just doing old console games? Dami and I have traded a few texts and messages here and there... guess she graduated HS OK by now, she's been more checking up on me than vice versa

Viper responds:

Crap I forgot to respond to this. I might be making a whole new post about stuff going on with my Mustang. Is your back any better than it was before? Or are you having more issues nowadays? It's felt like a long ass time since any of you guys have talked to me so..

Honestly outside of that one I've only seen them in person when they were either all apart or not exactly "road ready". And yeah I was pretty surprised when I initially found out. I'm honestly surprised how much they didn't change all too much over the years up til the end. For steam I haven't played a whole lot on there lately. I've mostly been playing Pit People, Thrillville, and Soda Dungeon (which there is a version of on here).


2017-07-02 12:38:00

Just saw a Mustang tooling around the Goodwood festival, sounded bonkers good; video was posted in the auto sport part of my racing crew's discord page... ugh maybe I should get the app, sometimes the html magic doesn't stream well in firefox. Nah, my back's been ok, just getting over the mama of all sinus headaches, more like a skull infection.

Was gonna try pit ppl, already beat soda dungeon all medals, you find table boy? Huge steam sale on right now, but i'm kinda poor atm so NG gets my playtime, when I'm not hustling in gta land


2017-07-03 15:54:53

Wow, I want this on a flat black http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/740194