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You have no idea how glad I felt when I saw this pop up. I've been a fan of Nwar since it began and followed it ever since.

The simplistic "animation" has always really fit the the series. As has the voice acting always fit the character of Nwar. It's serious enough to go along with the matters at hand but deadpan enough to make the jokes really land and make them all the more funnier. It's been a few years but you definitely haven't missed a step and, from a longtime fan, it's a more than welcome addition to the series as a whole. I greatly look forward to seeing what else you bring to the table.

Finally episode 3 is out. Only took ya 5 years haha. Good to see that despite looking and feeling relatively the same as it did 5 goddamn years ago, it also feels relatively fresh. You haven't lost your touch that's for damn sure.

Though that being said I'm somewhat underwhelmed. Considering the amount of time that had passed I thought you just gave up on the series. I've seen numerous very promising series pop up on here only for them to abruptly end with either an unresolved cliffhanger or no pay off. And while I'm glad this isn't one of those, I feel as though I was expecting.. more? It's a good place to pick up the story where it got left off, but it feels like the story got both furthered and also as if nothing really "happened". Ya know? I'm looking forward to the next episodes and I'm hoping I can see at least episode 4 before I'm 30 😅

Just cruising on my sugway.....

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Man this makes me want to post more in the BBS but my work schedule gives me almost no down time to do it. Great seeing some familiar faces in here and some not so familiar ones too. Keep up the good(?) work everyone.

Little-Rena responds:

Well, when you're not at work, stop by, and post a thread like "You're a Garbage Can now!" and everyone will love you for it!

Pretty much just me I guess. Nice fun little "NPC maker". Definitely looking forward to EBF5.

It's an okay time waster. Though the animation for when you get rid of gems seems too slow and it ends up covering up other gems to the point where I can't tell if I have any more pairs on the screen.

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I like it :3
Singing good same with guitar playing.
Also who's singing? (just wondering)
I mean its more than likely you but I just felt like asking anyways.

Zexevev responds:

It's me singing :D

this song is AMAZING

seriously i could sit and listen to this all day if it was possible.
its just terrible that you weren't able to be around more and let the world listen to the amazing talent you had

R.I.P. (im a bit late saying this but what the hell i felt i should)
may you live on forever in the memories of everyone who knew you and everyone you touched through your music, the flashes you posted on here, and through everything else you did in life. i guess you'll be rocking out with Thor, Loki, and Odin along with the other gods in Valhalla now.

It does sound a lot like something from a Spyro game. It would fit in no problem if it were added into one of the games. Good job.

Emma responds:

Haha, thank you very much :D

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Every time I play the game I seemingly always gravitate directly to the Green Knight or The Blacksmith over anyone else for some reason. In terms of the pic, it looks great. Though I feel like it would have looked slightly better if he had Hatty's Emerald Sword but that's just me.

BoMToons responds:

I stayed somewhat true to what Castle Crashing The Beard HD has in it, in which the Green Knight uses a giant hammer :-)

This turned out great dude!
Keep up the good work
*thumbs up*

this is just awesome

dude that drawing is fucking awesome
it reminds me of something by Stephen Gammell
if you dont know who he is look him up
hes a really good artist and does stuff that looks somewhat like this

I am a calm laid back individual who is usually asleep. But when I'm not its hard to tell I'm not trying to be asleep. I play guitar / bass / harmonica / etc in my spare time. And listen to various genres of music. Predominately metal and rock.

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