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Entry #109

American Sharks + The Sword + Clutch

11/21/13 by Viper

Just going to start off saying that I never listened to that first band before going to the concert. After listening to them at the concert I find them pretty awesome. If you want to listen to them heres a link to their bandcamp.

This is how my day started.
I got like an hour of sleep yesterday morning. For some reason I felt like taking a 2 hour long shower at roughly 1 in the morning. Then I sat up til around 4:30 and fell asleep in my bed with a towel wrapped around my head and woke up with completely dry and soft hair. After doing papers from 6 - 11 I got home and my dad kept telling me to go get some sleep because I pretty much got none. I ended up falling asleep at 2ish and got another 3 1/2 hours of sleep in and somehow managed to not over sleep and miss the concert.

I left home with my sister at around 5:30 and made it to the town the concert was in at around 6:30. So it was about an hour drive. Give or take a couple minutes.

So we get to the venue and go and park in this parking garage near the building and walk down the street to the venue.
The doors were supposed to open at 7 so we had to stand outside and wait for them to open. But they decided to dick around in the building and not let anyone in til almost a half hour after they were supposed to. So me and my sister stood around outside in line to get inside the building for almost an hour and (with wind chill) the temp was below freezing.

When we finally made it into the building I immediately went to the merch table to see what they had there. At the time I bought a shirt of The Sword's. It's a large "Hidden Masters" shirt. I got a chance to look around at Clutch and American Sharks merch tables too but didn't feel like getting anything from either at the time. After we left the merch table we got back to where we decided we wanted to stand during the show. Which was pretty close to the stage. And by that I don't mean we were like right in the front. There were like 4 rows of people in front of us and then there was a gap and then the stage. Well when we got back to our spot my sister decides to ask me to go back and get her a shirt because she couldn't do it herself while we were there. She got a small "Hawks & Serpents" shirt.

After that we just stayed where we were before when we got back to our spot. Though more and more people started pouring into the building by that time.

So finally after being in there for a half hour the lights went down a bit and the band American Sharks came on.
I'll be honest here. I had no fucking idea who they were when I initially saw they were going to be playing. But they were actually pretty good. While we were going home my sister said that the singer/bassist apparently "looks like me".
I don't really see it. This be he by the way.

Back onto the concert stuff.
American Sharks were only on for a little under 30 minutes. Which surprised me to be honest. It didn't feel like it was 30 minutes. I can't get a copy of what their set list was but I'm fairly certain it was just a run through of their first and so far only album which is also titled "American Sharks". After every other song the singer kept talking about how he was "talking to Kyle Shutt (guitarist of The Sword) in his "ear piece"" and how Kyle had some disease and that it was all over the major news networks like: CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera..... he later revealed that Kyle's disease is what doctors call "Tit-to-mouth". And that Kyle "needs to suck on all dem titties" haha. After they finished both me and my sister agreed that they were pretty good and I decided I'd go get a CD of theirs at their merch table after The Sword's set.

While we were standing around someone was up onstage checking The Sword's equipment and was doing a sound check to make sure everything was working properly. While this was going on the dude who was next to me said to someone else in the crowd "Hey The Sword have only one guy checking all their instruments. How economical." or something along the lines of that.
Afterwards people slowly approach the front area of the crowd The Sword finally came on at I wanna say 9.
I can't remember what their set list was to be honest. This is their "average" set list according to but I know for a fact they didn't play these songs in this order.
Cloak of Feathers
How Heavy This Axe
Tres Brujas
The Hidden Masters
The Veil of Isis
Arrows in the Dark
Dying Earth
Maiden, Mother & Crone
To Take the Black
Seven Sisters

In addition to that they played Lawless Lands but didn't play To Take The Black. Throughout the tour they were kinda half and half when it came to shows with encores and we unfortunately caught em when they didn't feel like doing one. Though when it came to encores they varied depending on what they did during their set and other times they covered Working Man by Rush or Cheap Sunglasses by ZZ Top.

Right when the song Tres Brujas (third to last song) was about to start this dude decided he'd go in front of me and the dude who was standing next to me. While The Sword were playing the song the dude started jumping up and down and attempted to start a mosh pit even though Mosh Pits aren't allowed in the building. The dude was getting so annoying that the dude next to me kept trying to move him out of the way because he was blocking both mine and his view of almost the entire stage. And it got the point where he full on shoved him because he wouldn't stop. Then before things got "serious" someone behind me got in between em and broke up anything that may or may not have happened.

After The Sword finished me and my sister were standing for a couple minutes and then she asked if I wanted to stick around for Clutch because she wasn't a big fan of em and because she was getting really tired and whatnot and I told her it was up to her since she was my ride to and from there. We ended up deciding on moving further back and went back to the merch table because there were a few more things I wanted to get while I was there. I got a Sword poster and an American Sharks CD. While I was walking to the merch table the guitarist from American Sharks was walking away from the merch table to I went and shook his hand and said that they did really good and he said thanks. The drummer from American Sharks was at the merch table and he was the one who gave me my CD.
Also this is the Sword poster I got. Blah blah. They only made 90 of em and mines #74.

After I got all my stuff me and my sister were kinda just hanging around in a VERY crowded room because I'm fairly certain about 80% of the people who went to the show came just for Clutch. We decided we'd stick around for a couple of Clutch's songs and then go. We ended up leaving after the second one.

While we were heading back to the car I turned to my sister and point blank told her "Ya know. I don't really trust any part of Joliet at night." (the show was at Mojoes in Joliet, Illinois). To which she replied that she only trusts the parts of Joliet that are near the mall because thats the general area in which shes more familiar with.

So we got in the car and started the long trek home. While on our way home she asked me if I had anything to eat during the day and at that moment I realized I ate pretty much nothing at all so we stopped off and Taco Bell (because she had to go to the bathroom) at like 11 at night and I got a chicken taco and one of those chicken griller things. She got 2 of these cheese rollup things (It's pretty much just cheese inside of a taco shell) and some nachos.
When we were leaving the Taco Bell parking lot I said something about how my griller felt bigger than the ones i normally get and thats because they pretty much filled it with nothing but chicken. Which was fucking awesome.
And I don't know how but my sister somehow forgot that I had that and thought I only got a chicken taco even though I had her hold onto the griller when I got my taco out of the bag of stuff.
We also passed by a cop who was parked waiting for people who were breaking the law to pass by so he could stop em and she was going 10 mph over the speed limit and I didn't have my seat belt on and he didn't do anything. He even looked right at us while we were going by too. Then we got home at about midnight and then I got onto Newgrounds to see if I missed anything while I was gone.
So thats pretty much all of what happened.

\/pic of The Sword onstage below\/

American Sharks + The Sword + Clutch


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42 degrees, and so will your cat, might be best to put her in the freezer |: She'll thaw, but it takes a good long while for the ground to unfreeze, but you should be able to get a few inches started... I know water would help, but back filling with mud is messy

No...? You must be related to plains indians |: they didn't have styrofoam, aspirin, or all that other stuff you don't have :|

3/6/14 Viper responds:

I don't think any of us are willing to put her in our freezer. We keep food in there. Not dead cats ._.
Also. APPARENTLY it's supposed to get up to about 50ish on Monday.

Well, it's not that. We just tend to throw it out because we have no use for it.

Daaaaamn, just keep chipping away every early afternoon when its close to not freezing/
Napalm - styrofoam and gasoline

3/5/14 Viper responds:

It's apparently supposed to get up to 42 on Sunday. So we might be able to do it then. But I don't know...

Thanks. We don't have any styrofoam though....

Place something black on top of the grass, even a garbage bag for 2 days, let the sun hit it. Scrape up the grass. make up napalm in 2 -3 cups, set fire till it burns out, dig, repeat.

Better to get a heating pad, can't cost more than 20$, gas kills grass and ground. Either way, keep scratching the ground

3/5/14 Viper responds:

...I don't know how to make napalm o.O And thats not something I feel like googling.

We'll think of something I suppose.

Um, have you lain your cat to rest yet? I'm thinking a heating pad with some wood over it, would thaw out the ground... and then leave the wood over top the grave for a while afterwards |:

3/4/14 Viper responds: ._.
We haven't had a good day where it was warm enough to do any digging. And whenever it HAS been kinda warm it was immediately cold right after. So yeah....
We don't have any heating pads.

ZJ isn't giving me his opinion on my little scheme... There was a time when hair buzzing was a valid charity event :\ Beats a dunking in a tank of water, or other socially awkward practices, like bidding on dates... idk ._.

3/2/14 Viper responds:

I haven't gotten around to giving my opinion of it either....
The reason being is I was out and about and busy doing stuff like all day yesterday and wasn't on here since like 2 yesterday afternoon.



So, be careful when traveling with her....

2/20/14 Viper responds:

Well that was....interesting......



Sorry to hear your GF got in trouble. I doubt you'd be able to see her at her house, and... enjoy her company as you would at your house :(

2/20/14 Viper responds:

Yeah :/ Nah I wouldn't. Mainly because she has family around at all times. So...yeah.....



You been slackin' on comments O_O

Found you an engine

2/20/14 Viper responds:

Yeah I know....I've been busy with other stuff and haven't gotten a chance to comment as much as I'd like :/

That IS a pretty cool looking engine though.



Bet you missed this
It's getting scary, there's still snow sticking to things and more coming.

2/20/14 Viper responds:

I did miss that....thanks for showing me this. Dunno how to feel about that o.O

It's actually raining here at the moment. And a massive amount of the snow we had is melted. Though since we had well over a foot of snow EVERYWHERE here that'll cause a ton of flooding in my area. So YAY. Gonna be so much fun! :D



We got about the same amount of snow, though it's in layers now. I'll let you knwo what happens with the dead drop trap... basically a large bucket with some peanut butter on the sides.. mouse get in, can't jump out.

Btw, has Zachary always been so pedantic and nit picky? Sometimes I wonder if it's because Tom doesn't mind talking to me... just before he made his new post, Tom said one of his boys almost got taken out by a frozen tree limb right before they were gonna head out. Had to cut it up before they could pull out... damn scary. He lost power for the better part of last week, but he said the freezing temps outside, made the temp inside his fridge not so bad, lol? Hopefully Wade got the milk before Tom chucked it...

2/20/14 Viper responds:

Interesting >.>

Zachary as in the mod? I guess....not really as much as say poxpower is on a normal day to day basis. But I suppose he is a bit more than usual.

We lost power here a few days ago for a brief amount of time apparently. I guess it was out for maybe a half hour to about an hour. But I was asleep when this happened so it came as a surprise to me when I was told after I woke up. Then I made sure to check my computer to see if there were any problems with it and it's all good. Though I had my TV on and the channel it was on (Cartoon Network ._.) has been fucking up ever since. It's been cycling between having color and being in black and white and also the picture keeps moving all the time and is somewhat staticy. The audio is fine. But you can hardly tell what the hell you're watching. And it's ONLY on that channel. Every other one is as it was before that happened. Which I find weird.



O_O There's no such thing as a 'sealed' vehicle, believe me. Mice can worm their way into anything, and there's lots of places they can get in from the firewall. Maybe production quality's gotten better, but they only need 1/2 an inch or so, being all cartilage and all.

Sometimes I think if the Beatles didn't show up, we'd have found Kennedy's real assassins |:

2/10/14 Viper responds:

You have a point.....
Though I seriously have not seen any mice anywhere around during the winter.
Also we have roughly a foot of snow all over the ground. So I don't know how they'd manage to get through that JUST to get into the van.

Yeah........ ._.

That sucks a lot. But you're sure no mice can get to her?

I need to set up traps, those things get everywhere... worried about all the enclosed old spaces around here, even after the 'great upending' of this place. In fact despite the snow, a friend wants the wood kitchen stove he bought.... gotta watch my back literally |: The other one went for... 3$ probably scrapped. Fucking awful what happened here.

2/9/14 Viper responds:

Positive. The van is sealed pretty tight. Dunno how any mice can get in there.

Have fun with the trap setting.
Well be careful. Don't need ya throwing out your back or something.

I'm running back and forth from my room and the living room going from being on here to watching the 50th Anniversary thing for The Beatles being on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Aww, dude, your cat isn't in the ground? You'd have to rent a jackhammer and hope the ice doesn't go too far down :\ Good time of year for a water line break, not. I hope she's safe and kinda cold....

2/9/14 Viper responds:

Nope ._.
It's supposed to start warming up though. So we're planning on doing it then.
But yeah shes safe and cold. We have 2 vans up at our house and one we can't drive because one of the headlights doesn't work all that well. So shes been pretty much frozen in there til we can dig and get her buried.

But on a lighter note...

2/7/14 Viper responds:

Dear god....haha



sorry bout yer cat man

2/2/14 Viper responds:

It's okay....I mean I obviously miss her A LOT since we had her since I was like 6 years old.
But at least she isn't suffering anymore.



My housecat is almost that age, approximately. Lots of stuff been going on in the past month, huh? Glad you're getting shaken from your old rut, despite the rough spots.

1/31/14 Viper responds:

We've had her still feels weird looking over at my bed and not seeing her curled up asleep right at the end....
And yeah a lot of stuff HAS been going on in the past month.



She died in hospital? Damn man, really sorry :( Was anyone there while she passed? You have a picture of her?

1/30/14 Viper responds:

Yeah.....thanks. Everyone has been taking it pretty hard.
No. She died in the middle of the night....
Yeah I do.
She lost a ton of weight and was losing some fur by the time we got her in there....



Everyone likes little cars... Yeah, hold off, or just list it for 15 grand more, and see what happens, just take lots of pix.

16x70x255 or thereabouts... pretty massive, still udderly glad I dropped 700$ on 5 middle range priced tires. Sucks you can't raid the tire racks... used to be able to do that at K-Mart :\ They got new tread patterns now, finally look close to legit - still shocked they don't pick up more stones than they do. Poor truck's painted with salt >:(

1/30/14 Viper responds:

Seems like it >.>
We'd need to put a couple grand into it before it's worth anywhere near that much o.O

Ah. Those are pretty big tires o.O I need new tires on my lark ._. the thread on the ones on it now are wearing out quite a bit and are going flat frequently.

Our cat Midnight died last night. She was at the vet and had an operation to get a bunch of tumors out of her. The operation went well and she was doing fine. I guess she just died in her sleep.....
She was 14.



I miss little Chevy cars.. you could jack them up, right behind or in front of the wheel, without having to find a spot under the car. I just hope I can get the tires off the truck, if I need to... I don't trust anyone who punches a clock and wields an impact wrench set to infinity and beyond |: I begged the guy to set the lbs/sq" to 70, instead of their normal 100. At least there's a good film of anti-seize on em.

Any luck selling the lil old car? Maybe you should list it internationally.... Hemmings? I bet there's some folks in Silicon valley who'd love to buy it....

1/28/14 Viper responds:

Well the reason we needed a different jack is because the one that came with the car was crap.
What kind of tires do you need on it? Like size wise? 16"? 15"? Also I haven't changed tires in the longest time. So I have no idea what that needs to be set at on any of the cars we have....

The '51? Nah. We're probably going to hold off on trying to sell it til later this year.



When I had a stashe, the cigarette smoke would embed itself :p I think you did mention that... but why couldn't you change the tire right then and there? Speaking of which, I really need to get the spare up underneath the ass of my Pop's truck... stupid winch system, really.

Yeah, that kinda van. Hell, you could probably tape up some plastic right behind where you sit, and it would help.

1/28/14 Viper responds:

Ah. Well then yeah it is a good thing I don't smoke :P
Because we needed a different jack. The one we had with the car was crappy.

Yeah we could....we mainly need to get the tailgate fixed. It doesn't stay up when you open it.



Had a blowout real early Sunday morning. I've had many tires go while I was driving... luckily 2 people stopped by to inquire. Didn't need any help, but it's good to know someone's looking out.

I still have a few thick large ass sheets of styrofoam... that'd be perfect, if you have an open back van - something to keep what little heat you have localized.

Nah, just write something every time you come on, and leave it at that. You've got 10k posts and plenty of decorations to last you a while. So she doesn't mind your beard? Good thing you don't smoke :p

1/28/14 Viper responds:

Ah. Never had a tire go while I was sister has though. Her tire pretty much imploded while she was on the interstate. So we had to go off to the side and wait for my dad to get there so we could change the tire. I'm pretty sure I've already told you about that though.

You mean those vans with the two doors on the back that open like french doors?

I could do that....but I feel I should talk more.
I do have 10k posts and all that other stuff. But I don't want to just stop there ._.
Granted I DO plan on slowing down a bit on here. Also when I hit 10k I felt really....indifferent.

Nah she likes the beard :P and mah mustache and mah long hair. And all that stuff.

Why? o.O



When I saw the 'slept together'... well, I had hope for humanity for a split second anyway. Ah, so her cousin lives nearby, nice. You can't get tickets for Amon Amarth? Wow, that sucks, who's she going with? Yeah, them temps are nothing to fool around with. I lost a tire at 10 degrees, no heater fan in the car... just about made it without frostbite. Adrenaline only goes so far :\

It looks like you got a great reason to succeed, in whatever you want to do now...

1/28/14 Viper responds:

You "had hope for humanity" knowing I slept with someone? o.O
Well he lives like an hour away. She lives about 2 hours away. So his place is like a mid-way point.
She made sure to get hers really early. And I doubt I can even go up there with her anyways. But we've been talking about going to concerts together at some point. Shes either going alone or going with her cousin.
You lost a tire? o.O The heat hardly works in the vans. We gotta leave em running for like a half hour before they're somewhat warm in there. And even then it's still pretty cold in em.

Yeah looks like it....though having her around means I can't go on Newgrounds as much D:
Which sucks....because I was planning on talking to you guys more often. And now I wasn't online for a bit over a day. And still haven't said anything to Nick or Damitrin for like 2 days ._.



Don't apologize for living your life! Did something similar myself... sent time with the remnants of my old PC databases. Had to clean stuff up, re-route a few wires. Saw the first few secrets I got before the redesign, and other old archived shit.... at least you had an actual human female for company!

So, things are going well between you two, huh? Any idea when you might be able to visit her (or a hotel room)?

1/28/14 Viper responds:

Yeah I did....she ended up staying for like 27 hours or something. We were both VERY VERY VERY sad when she had to go. And ended up staying outside hugging each other for like a half hour in the cold.

Yeah they are. Her mom doesn't want her coming down here a lot. We've been getting pretty bad weather here if you haven't seen lately. Went down to like -18 for a few minutes and managed to get up to -2 later on in the day. Didn't have to do papers yesterday til 3:30 instead of in the morning. My brother got the day off school yesterday and today. But anyways. Her mom doesn't want her coming down here too often while the weather is bad. So Saturday/Sunday was going to be our last time hanging out til Spring. But shes going to go see Amon Amarth on the 8th and is going to come down here because she's going to her cousin's apartment and thats like halfway to my house from her's. So she'll be here from like noon til around 5 then. So the same amount of time she was here the first time we hung out. My family likes her. More so than I thought they would....and we sorta...slept together Saturday night. Now before you say anything. We didn't "do" anything. We just slept. Well....her more than me. I kept waking up for no real apparent reason.



Been a while... so, you've had 2 visits now? I know about the first one...

1/27/14 Viper responds:

Sorry I wasn't online AT ALL Saturday and only for a little on Sunday.
She stayed the night on Saturday and stayed til like 5:30ish Sunday. I felt she wouldn't have really appreciated it all that much if I was on the computer while she was here since it's like a 2 hour drive here.

Clutch is tits.

1/22/14 Viper responds:

Indeed they are. Wish I could have stayed longer for them....


1/21/14 Viper responds:


Totally fucking epic

Cool story bro

1/18/14 Viper responds:




Whoa, you got the broken trophy, awesome! Ah thanks man... I think he has a walk-through on

1/15/14 Viper responds:

I didn't even know that was a thing o.O
I'll check that out.



Just your name in that game; a praise in spirit, is better than no prize at all.... how do you get the cyberdevil and amar medals? Couldn't find anything to click to get me dem....

1/15/14 Viper responds:

Ah. Well my name IS in another game. It's in that Ventures Fulp game. And I've already went ahead and asked Deathink if he could put me in if he makes another one.

When you're on the screen with the categories click up and it'll show the extra credits. Then click the left or right arrows and you'll see the rest.
I'm currently working on the "Broken Trophy" medal. And then I gotta get 100% on that quiz and it'll get me the other 3 I'm missing.



Always Online, 3rd place? You should've gotten first, I mean really :<

1/15/14 Viper responds:

Ah. I thought you meant I won something.....



Congrats on the BBS award!

1/14/14 Viper responds:

BBS award?

Yeah, I didn't know how bad you had it till just this morning, on the radio news. Imagine if your furnace was down, like it was a few years ago O__O Your uncle have room enough for your family?

70 degrees warmer inside... good way to look at it.

1/6/14 Viper responds:

Yeah its still pretty bad here....though it DID go up 4 degrees in the house. So its now 56.
Its also supposed to warm up tomorrow. So thats a plus I guess.
I guess? But we're gonna stay here ._.

Shit. Sorry to hear about the fast 180, hope some sense comes out of it all ._.

1/6/14 Viper responds:

Ah it's okay......

Also it's like....MEGA cold here. It's been sitting at around between -18 and -14 all day. It DID get to -21 though. The warmest it's gotten was -9. And it's currently 52 or 53 in the house. So it's like 70 degrees warmer in here.

Good looking rose... dump/draw? Interesting, how did you manage to put that picture there? Looks good without the frame. She sounds like a really good girl, hope she's the one for you :)

1/3/14 Viper responds:

Yeah I don't know whats up with that.
How did I manage to put the picture there?
I hope so too :)

I think we both need to ditch NG for a few days... play some awesome videogames, and not some old moldy 8/16 retro crud. Glad to hear you got someone to talk to... so she's on camera, and you're not?

1/3/14 (Updated 1/3/14) Viper responds:

Nah neither of us are on cam. We're just text chatting on Skype at the moment. Her Grandma's birthday is tomorrow so her and her mom are doing stuff to prepare for that at the moment. She is making a blanket and drew a rose for her grandma. She sent me a pic of the rose and is planning on taking a pic of the blanket and sending it to me when she finishes it.
But I got my camera working again. So hopefully it'll be working by the next time her and I are camming.

Heres the rose



Yeah I saw 10,020 last night, big achievement... I guess. Wierd thread about GS64
Whatcha gonna do just before midnight?

12/31/13 Viper responds:

Yeah I guess so. But I feel indifferent after reaching it. I thought it'd feel more awesome or whatever. But I don't know what to feel about it now ._.
You mean the one with life "calling him out"?
More than likely nothing. I don't have much of anything TO do.



It's worse for me... a game like ROTD2 takes me about 5 minutes or more to load. This BS with verizon/cogent sucks majorly, and is probably costing Tom business :|

12/29/13 (Updated 12/30/13) Viper responds:

That sucks.....
And yeah more than likely ._.
I hope they get all that shit straightened out.

I hit 10,000 posts technically yesterday.
And I feel....indifferent ._.



Merry Christmas and Huppy Nu Yea @chamry
So, how's the upgrade, bet it's worth every penny to click around without weird ads loading? Less Flash/tab crashes too hopefully...

12/29/13 Viper responds:

Happy New Year Steve.
Oh it's pretty good. Now I don't have to wait an eternity for UJ flash tabs to load. They load REALLY fast now. Before I'd have to wait like 20 minutes before one would load.
Yeah. Though I haven't encountered either of those in a long time anyways so....yeah.



Its late, however...
Merry Christmas Brandon! :3

12/25/13 Viper responds:

Merry Christmas! :3



Sounds better than what I'm up to, hope you find some jollies there, maybe some unrelated girlies

Yeah, you'd get a kick out the small towns around here, still kinda spread out, nowhere near as tight Princeton or Boston, plenty of turns, small hills, potholes, catch basins, curbs, dips and dipshits on the road :)

12/25/13 Viper responds:

Oh yeah totally....found out my cousin is pregnant. And she is 30.
And no. That would NEVER happen ever. IF there are some there they are going out with someone I am related to.

Yeah I tend to prefer smaller towns over bigger cities. It just seems too loud and crowded for me ._.



Nick said she was sick... don't think she mentioned it to me, other than she was home alone today :( If you see her around, say something!
Gonna get a shower, dry off, then see my folks at the cemetery... maybe drive around a little.

12/25/13 Viper responds:

Ah. Well I have to go to a second Christmas party today in a little. So....I may see her later on when I'm back on here.

Well....I don't know what to say about that ._.



Neighbor two doors down had a similar problem, though it was discontinued ductwork, and got into it from a crawlspace outside :p

Just found the ad/circular card... buffet at 4-8pm at a local restaurant :\ Dami wanted me to stay online with her today... so I'll be here, I guess.

12/25/13 Viper responds:

Ah. We don't have a crawlspace. We have a crappy basement.
Also apparently some of the houses in my town were built by our towns founder and there is a strong possibility that mine was built on the foundation of a house that HE built. And this was back sometime from the 1860s til whenever it was that he died.

Oh. Well.....hows she doin? ._. Still sick or...?



Maybe a ball of cat dander got pushed downwind enough to open up..? You wouldn't believe how bad the house was next door after I moved in... could knit a damn sweater with what the leaf blower dislodged.

That's what's always sucked about online - the disposable nature of the ppl we talk to; take them or leave them :\ So you got skype running in the background, waiting for her?

12/25/13 Viper responds:

The hell? o.O
Also that reminds me of this one time when one of the cats we used to have got stuck down a heat vent .-. I don't remember HOW we got her out but we did eventually after like an hour or so.

I did for a couple hours but since I wasn't here yesterday from like 4-10 then from like 2-7 there is a good chance I missed talking to her. But I'll be sure to talk to her tomorrow since she'll be in Mexico.
The second portion of the day that I was gone I was at a family Christmas party and Walmart. I was at Walmart because me and my brother got some gift cards from there and we wanted to just get rid of em. We WERE going to get groceries while we were out and about too but the place we were going to go to was closed by the time we got there....



Sounds like the hot air ducts need some adjusting, if you look up near the heating unit, there should be handles to adjust the airflow. The heat around the walls of the most inhabited areas should be on full, with air return in the middle of the house, and almost none to any upper floors - I'm fine here in the attic, since heat rises (plus I got my window cracked; there's no vents up here).... and whatever air is going out through that hole in the roof |: or in my case, the stairwell. some holes got added ._.

12/24/13 Viper responds:

Yeah more than likely. Though it's working more properly now.
It's getting a bit warmer here than it was last night. It's a bit under 70 now ._.

Also me and Chelsea (thats the name of the person I was talking to on Skype) haven't gotten to talk since we were on cam. And we wont be able to tomorrow and more than likely wont tonight because she'll be gone. So the soonest we'll be able to is on Thursday.



Yeah, in the old comics, he had a 2-way video thing on his wrist... the first instance of video conferencing/talking. Old timers call the telephone the 'Don Amici' (the better looking old rich guy from Trading Places), because he made a big b/w movie based on Edison and the first phone.

So you both like each others looks and company, sweet!! Yeah was wet out today, but I walked a distance in a soupy driveway and yard to get the owner over to sell me the grave blankets (arranged pine branches). Gottem half price, since Pop always bought from him... :p At least the shoe adhesive is still working. Dami just PMed me an hour ago, sez she's sicka nd alone at home. I'm gonna get her on the don amici sometime christmas eve...

12/24/13 Viper responds:

Oh. Okay. I thought you meant something el....never mind ._.

Yeah. Though I think she wants to be just friends. Which I'm cool with.

It was just INSANELY cold today. It apparently got down to like -2 last night. And it's in the 50s inside my house. Dunno why. The heater is working fine.

Well I hope she gets over whatever she has.



Guess after talking to a chick on the Dick Tracey for a few hours, and having gifts for others, yer pretty well set. Glad to hear it :)
I got two sprays/grave blankets for my parents and grandparents, I got wet as hell getting them... and dark out, I'll put them out tomorrow sometime - better late than never. Dami is apparently too sick to be online :(

12/24/13 Viper responds:

The Dick Tracey? >.>
I guess so ._.
Also we ended our convo because she was pretty much falling asleep on cam so I just decided to tell her that I was going to end the call because I didn't want to have her fall asleep on camera and then I'd just be sitting there wondering what the hell I was supposed to do....then I went offline after leaving a message saying "Well that was fun. We should do it again sometime :P"
And I didn't get her message in response to that til later on today because I was offline and didn't expect her to be online still and she was all "Yes it was :)"

Oh. Okay. Why did you get wet as hell getting them? o.O
And whats she got?



So whatcha want for Christmas?

12/23/13 (Updated 12/23/13) Viper responds:

....I have no idea o.O

Also I was on Skype for....oh wow. I was wrong with what I said in a thread this morning.
I was on Skype for 9 1/2 hours with this chick I've become REALLY fast friends with. And 4 1/2 hours of that was spent on cam the rest was just text chatting. We were on there from 5 PM til 2:30 AM.
Shes busy today so more than likely no chatting today ._.
(she lives close to the Wisconsin border and is about a 1 hour 50 minute drive from here)
Shes also going to be in Mexico during Christmas with her mom to go visit her Grandma.

I also have 3 more things I need to wrap up for people ._.
I don't know who gets one thing though. It's just some socks but still.



i had Vitalogy on vinyl, no code and vs. on cassette but i gave those to my girlfriend for her birthday. probably find them again in a week

12/23/13 Viper responds:

Ah. Well I've been looking at getting a copy of VS. on CD but can never find a copy of it for some reason....



Naw, sounds kinda fun though, good time to hang duct tape instead of tinsel

Idunno, strained it terribly over a month ago, scrapping or someother shit I didn't want to do. Should've healed up a while ago, so I'm taking abreak from typing to NG

For older cars, the thermostat would be the likely culprit, unless the heater core just disintegrated internally, preventing radiator flowthrough... or likely some scale is blocking things up.. hm.

12/22/13 Viper responds:

Yeah....though we don't have any ._. We DID get some cat toys today thats been keeping them busy and away from the tree.

Well that sucks :/ and yeah taking a break from NG would be a good idea in that instance...

Well the Lark doesn't have heat at all. The only form of heat you can get is from these little vent things under the dash. For the Ranchero I think it's because the switches and all that aren't hooked up. Because otherwise it should be fine.
But any of the stuff you said could be at fault too.....



Funny, I got no star on my 'tree' either, almost same size too. My hand's doing abit better, so I told Nick about it... damn microwaves were preventing my left hand from healing (torn ligaments or something)

I hear ya, Pop's truck's got no heat at all, makes cold and humidity dangerous, if not careful

12/21/13 Viper responds:

Same here with mine. But do you have a kitten and a full grown cat attacking it and tearing off everything on the bottom half of yours?
What happened to your hand exactly? (i don't remember if you told me or not ._.)

Yeah it's the same thing in the Ranchero and the Lark. Makes me not want to drive either of em during the winter because the last time I drove the Lark during the winter my hands were turning blue and nearly froze to the wheel .-.