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Entry #110

Mah Birthday ._.

2014-03-17 12:18:03 by Viper

Woo I'm offically 21 now. Yippie for me. I can technically drink legally now. But I don't really want to. Doesn't sound all that appealing to me to be honest.

Not much else to say I guess. My last post was up for nearly 4 months and not a whole lot happened from then til now. Other than I have a girlfriend now. We've been "going out" since like mid-February but we weren't officially going out til March 8th.

We went on a short birthday date thingy on Saturday because she lives like 2 hours away from here and can only come over on the weekends. We went bowling and ate lunch at Wendy's (haha). Then I came back home and she gave me a dozen Red Velvet cupcakes that she made for me. I still have like 3 left. And on Saturday I have a birthday party to go to for my Grandma. Who I happen to share my birthday with. Though the party is pretty much just for her. Though we were told that we can still bring a cake or whatever for me too.


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2014-10-23 20:00:00

Good deal, we haven't touched base in a while... And Nick's been |: since he lost his license.

Viper responds:

Yeah we haven't.....
And I sorta noticed that.


2014-10-22 22:16:44

You gonna leave this up till your next birthday?

Viper responds:

Probably not. I have more than enough to make another news post if I wanted to. I might make one tomorrow.


2014-10-17 21:40:02

"When beards go bad", next time on Newgrounds


2014-10-15 23:52:52

Ha! Between me, you, Dami and Nick, I guess we spouted enough 'help yourself' stuff to each other... glad you were able to center your GF's disposition. First 2 years always suck, cramming in the required courses first and all.

Well, I can't talk about the technically illegal stuff, but I was thinking about the ebola-cola the establishment is trying to make all of us drink... and of course the ppl who have money on Wall St. are just as gullible and wonky as Joe Blow... oh well, let the first domino fall :

Hey thanks for the B-day wishes and kickass pic! I haven't been using the feed thing, just lurking around, like we used to do... in 10 days, it's up to 110 'interactions' must've been a backlog of ppl responding, idk

It's also been wall to wall humans around the farm as well, very atypical, though it does perk up as Fall descends... that's when vulnerable people remember the farmers, fresh food, resources and shit like that. Oh man


2014-10-10 20:03:30

I wasn't normal to begin with, now I'm feeling way abby normal. Fuck, I've had mid-life crises in the past before, no idea what the fuck is up wif my brain. Plus, things are getting damn weird outside my door, that's not helping

Viper responds:

I don't know man. But I'm positive you'll get everything all sorted out and you'll be a better person afterwards. Just take a bit to reassess your life and think about what you want for long term and short term goals and do what you can within your power do to reach those. But if you have anything crazy hard to accomplish try setting that for either a long term goal or have it be some sort of drive to get you to do things now or something to get you to a long term goal.
Don't know if you need ^that speech. But I've actually had to give a speech like that to my gf because she was considering quitting college and it helped her out A TON. Which is weird because I don't consider myself the motivational type of person. Go figure.

But yeah. Tell me whats on your mind.
And what weird stuff is going on outside? O.o


2014-10-06 13:29:38

you know of any other bands that sound similar? i've been recommending to whoever will listen for a while now

Viper responds:

Oh wow um........the only band I guess I could really say is sorta similar would be maybe Windhand. They even released a new album last year too. Since for some reason this song I was going to give you a link to isn't on youtube and I can't seem to find the full album on there anymore, I'll just link their bandcamp to you. The track I was gonna send you is called Evergreen. But I'd say try out the whole album. Though I dunno if they're similar enough for you.


2014-10-05 19:49:07

I didn't want to drink either. Don't sweat it.

Viper responds:

Okay. But yeah it doesn't sound remotely appealing to me.
That and I have a mildly addictive personality. So....yeah.....


2014-10-05 14:14:53

u r a fagget lol

Viper responds:



2014-10-03 22:42:35

Eh, she's weird but faithful, he shouldn't have any problem... if she asked me, I'd probably bang her though, don't ask me why... just ceasing to give a fuck these days.......

Fuck, I won't get checked out, why should a cat get medical treatment when I can't?!?! I went back to the hospital offices today, looking for a doctor to test me for tick diseases, they were closed last time... now the office isn't even there |: If I called I'm sure no one would tell me how much testing and treatment costs... it's something you have to ask eye to eye, on the premises. I don't like getting anything done without knowing how much it's gonna cost (approximately), why should healthcare be any different?

Viper responds:

Oh okay. Wasn't gonna ask but okay haha.

Heard about what happened with it.....sorry it had to come to that. And just take as much time off from this place as you need. It'd be best for you to do that til you're better and feeling at least sorta back to normal.


2014-10-03 22:20:16

My exgf cancelled on me, her husband's family is celebrating some religious holiday, and she's gotta make room, and food.. it's a free lunch, she'll call me when she has time to go.

Shroom book? Kind of an odd non-descript gift, though you do like good album cover art, not sure what to think of the phallic imagery...

The cat seems to be moving around okay, but... it's a big piece, and I wonder if any animal can live without a certain amount of skin missing O_O

Viper responds:

Ah okay. Well hope you two can set up a time you two can hang out or whatever. And I hope her husband doesn't read into that too much and think theres anything going on.....

Yeah. I kinda told her I wanted it. I like the artists artwork. His name is Arik Roper.
And this is his site >

Well you COULD take it to a vet and see if they can do something about it. Or if it'd be best to just have it put down. But then again thats if you can even afford that. If not you could bandage the wound up and hope it heals. Or something.


2014-10-03 20:53:59

Oh and that twee cat, the one I last linked here? Has a huge chunk of skin ripped from its backside, really wonder if it's gonna live, or should I put it down......

Viper responds:

Damn.......I don't know. How bad is it exactly? And please don't post pics. Don't wanna see that.


2014-10-02 02:00:16

Lol, dropping the name my parents gave me in the BBS... oh well, thanks for the gif, kid really deserves it! Maaaaan |: I gotta get butts and go cat food shopping. Think I cracked a rib tackling the ground Sunday, but it's been good to catch up on sleep. Around 3 tomorrow, I'm meeting my ex (of damn nigh 20 years) for lunch at that Kilted Tilt place, should be interesting... maybe I should bring my camera have one of the girls snap our old asses.

Viper responds:

Ahhh's not like a bunch of people on here don't know your name though. I mean people were calling you Steve when you were on the cam for Pico Day last year (dunno for this year though....)
You tackled the ground!? o.O
How was the meeting of the ex at the (I'm assuming you meant) Tilted Kilt?


2014-09-30 03:46:24

Lol, now you sound like I did when you were headbutting everything within an inch of your life!
So far, so good, but the swelling and pain is going to take a while to heal. Shocked nothing got broken, even where my collarbone connects under my neck took a good jolt, swelled up!

So how's your free time? A little NG, some non-NG games? Meditating whilelistening to your stockpile of (ripped) CD's

Viper responds:

Haha yeah.....looking back I was an idiot about all of that.
Oh. Well good to know I guess.

Good I suppose. Chelsea bought me a book. And before you say anything.....this is the book
It's a field guide to "magic mushrooms". But its predominately amazing mushroom paintings.
like Roger Dean amazing.


2014-09-29 01:20:29

I guess my tricep (top of shoulder) and the upper part of my ribs took damage, neck's in iffy shape too, a brain bucket might've helped a little... I met an EMT at Wawa, lol, asked her for a quick feel. She suggested hospital/xray or at least a good wrapping

I dork, therefore I am. Still miserable and alone

Viper responds:

Damn....hope you get that checked out.


2014-09-28 21:18:55

So if your GF gets one and you have three kids, you're all set.

I buggered up myself driving a bike I just got, about 5 hours ago :( Happened inthe back field but I'm in a lot of pain. Takes my mind off the other kinds of pain lol, and I got plenty of that this week already

Damn, I'd love to stay and talk, but I'm afraid if I sit too long, ill get stiff and it will hurt worse... dreading sleep - the ribs under thearm pit on that one side and my gut hurt, my head landed like a mortar, I'm sure - poof!

Viper responds:

I guess we will be. But I doubt she'd want any more than one haha.

Yeah I saw on your what happened exactly?

I guess just try to rest or something.


2014-09-28 02:19:30

You got an alt kid lol?

Viper responds:

Haha nah I don't :P
I do have...lets see.....5 accounts. Counting this one.


2014-09-21 12:23:19

@pinkv86 you forgot the E... I was wondering why it didn't show up on my feed thingy. In fact I got curious enough to check... there is a vicarious, and he made an account a few days after I did! Long dead account though.

I lost the mommy to that mini cat Friday, she got run over :( She survived the serpentine belt in the truck, but not traffic. Pretty miserable weekend...

Viper responds:

You know what you could do? See if you can take over Vicarious' account just in case someone forgets the E at the end of yours haha.

That last part kinda bummed me out though :/


2014-09-14 22:34:06

LOL @Vicarious.


2014-09-13 23:35:40

It means you're going to be a solid dependable person in time. Did my senior thesis on dreams, and what I said in the first sentence, is completely subjective.

Viper responds:

So....having 3 color changing eyes means I'm going to be a dependable person? o.O
What did you say?


2014-09-13 23:00:52

Dating sites are creepy, as is craigslist and backpage.
Here's the cat
Her eyes are just now starting to change, took long enough.

Viper responds:

Yeah.....but some of them are decent looking. But all of them have at least a few creepy dudes.

Ah. Hmm...dunno. Looks normal to me.

Speaking of eye changing. For some odd reason I dreamt that my eye color changed. I fell asleep at like noon. My eyes went from being dark brown to me having 3 eyes that were half light brown and half blue-green. I have 0 idea what that means......


2014-09-13 22:05:22

Well, that was a joke. All those places are terrible places to meet someone xD

Viper responds:

Yeah I kinda figured :P but yeah. If all else fails try dating sites. Maybe you'll find someone on there.


2014-09-13 20:37:15

It was fun watching that lil thing waddle up tot he porch in the rain, kinda feel bad for it. Despite the lousy food, my cats are on the plus side of normal weight, except for the striper who got chewed up in the truck, not that her breed gets very heavy in the wild.... Nice brick wall you used, to comment under...

Viper responds:

Wait. Does it just have short legs? Cause there is a breed of cat called a "Munchkin" that looks like that. Our cat Patches still doesn't eat enough so shes pretty thin. Our other cat Whiskers is a normal weight. And shes 11. Elsie is too small for a cat her age. She turned 1 not too long ago and is visibly smaller than Patches or Whiskers were when they were her age.

I know right?


2014-09-12 22:14:19

dude i dont even wake up until around 1 my time anyways lol just keep talking even if we're not there :P like always .-. you know the drill

Viper responds:

Oh....yeah I do ._. but I haven't been able to do that due to my sleeping til fucking 5.


2014-09-12 15:35:49

Yeah I remember your poor pussy, so far so good with the cats here. Got one gay cat (pre-teen, can tell), and one midget cat (gotta be the crappy cat food).

Miracles never cease. Dammit Dami pops from her hole. Maybe I should make a new post and see you there? Much preferd the olden days when we'd slum here......

@pinkv86 Just to be clear, you're a woman in search of a man, yeah? It's all about what your eyes are looking at on a man, but don't look at his crotch too much, that's going a bit far.

Viper responds:

Thats good to hear. Well maybe not the midget cat. But with them being good there. Also, a cat we got earlier who we called Elsie eats all the fucking time and is abnormally small but fat for being a year old. Shes so fat she has a fat pouch hanging off her.

Yeah I'd be fine with that. I sorta already posted on it too haha.

Yeah...crotch stuff shouldn't be the main focus of what you're looking for in a guy.


2014-09-12 03:30:00

Well I've checked while I was in the military, checked at local bars, checked at AA meetings, jail, professional kitchens, back alleys, sex shops, internet chat rooms... That's like, everywhere, right?
I don't think I'll evar find my sexy man-fish in this sea.

Viper responds: checked AA meetings, jail, and sex shops for men? o.O
Try internet dating sites if you REALLY want to find someone. They have dating sites for everything. So if you want someone who is into a certain type of music or movies or looks a certain way (like tall or thin or short or whatever) they have dating sites for all of that.


2014-09-12 02:08:38

Sweet so we're definitely spamming Steve all day Saturday! Thanks bud
And yeh one of my ever growing supply of kittens of 2 and a half moons old died Tuesday because he had tumors fucking everywhere and couldn't eat so we had to put him down

Viper responds:

Okay sounds good. Though I dunno when I'm gonna be able to get on here since I still deliver papers in the morning haha. So like around 11 or 12.
That sucks.....


2014-09-12 00:14:27

Hey man .-. Wanna get the band back together and meet up at Stevies when yer free? ._. I will forever possess a strong hatred for you if you don't say yes ._.

Viper responds:

Sure. I have to work tomorrow though. So I can't talk much then. But I'm free Saturday and Sunday.


2014-09-10 22:43:02

That is so adorable. I wish I had a significant other to do nice things for me! ;_;

Viper responds:

Ah I'm sure you'll find someone to do that for you. Ya just gotta look in the right places :P


2014-09-10 05:33:55

Uh oh, he's listening to the voices.. you know, the ones who came with all that early music you were listening to...

Sucky ride to work, used to love working close to home. When you have to sleep in the day, oh man that sucks. I had so much to catch up on here... shit. I should've been in bed at least 2 hours ago. Too many hiccups on NG (:| too many young people fucking up their free lunch!!1 Night man... Dami's young cat has cancer :p

Viper responds:

Nah I don't think he....well I don't know. Maybe he is. Who knows haha.

Yeah....well I can't sleep much at night because since we're in summer hours I work til 11. VERY rarely do I only work til 10 and it's mandatory to stay til 11 Friday and Saturdays due to that being when the pool closes. So I HAVE TO stay til 11 tomorrow night. Which in a way is good for me since I get more moolah.

Her cat has cancer!? o: I had a cat that had leukemia.....and our cat Midnight died and she had a ton of tumors :( The tumors were due to her getting "fixed" after she had kittens. Her body was producing a hormone that caused the cells around that area to enlarge gradually over time and develop into tumors. And wasn't noticeable til she started losing a TON of weight. It happened back in like late January or early February (so it wasn't recent and I know I told you about this) but I still think about it a lot because I was the one who suggested taking her into the vet to get that looked at.


2014-09-10 05:14:22

Does he got earbuds? Maybe it's a music jolt before the shit goes down... certainly would've helped me more with school. Kids should be electronics-free going to school, less BS

How you been sleeping? lol

Viper responds:

Yeah but all of his music is on computers. And I can't imagine he can listen to music like that on the way to school.

Really meh. I gotta get up at about 5:30 and can only get like an hour max of sleep after that and if I have to work I get home at some time between 11 and 12 at night. So I get like 5 hours of sleep a night.


2014-09-10 04:38:33

You finally get on a proper PC keyboard yet? And yeah, better not be a virus, you had hit hard last time

Well thank Gob for small favors O_o wonder why he goes early, pontification time?!
No I meant when do you go to the hotel? It's a 45 minute drive right?

Viper responds:

Yeah I am. And yeah that'd suck if it were....

?? I even tell him that he could leave like a half hour later and still get there way before school starts but he doesn't listen. And hell he even does that when its raining out. I don't understand that kid.

Ah okay. I leave at around 2:30 and get there at about 3:10ish.


2014-09-10 04:26:09

You getting this pop-up ad for net nuetrality? I don't like the ad.

So who's hauling your little bro to school? What time do you usually start work?

Viper responds:

Yeah I am. Thought I had some virus or something til I saw what it was for.

He walks now. We don't live THAT far away. We leave for papers at like 5:45 and get done around 10ish. He decides to leave the house before 7 even though school doesn't start til 8. So he gets there before like 80% of everyone else.


2014-09-09 23:05:54

Odd, usually aren't enough good drummers to go around... I gave away about 50 baby pumpkins to this restaurant I've been going to (my previous post), it's full of hot looking girls lol (really, about 30, 40 hot chicks work there *pics*) Trying to get laid, getting used to being in the world again..

Really glad to hear things are mostly okay, how's your father and lil brother? Your sis still works where you work (kinda)?

Viper responds:

Yeah....well I know for a fact one of them is when it comes to drumming. But thats cause shes more into doing "Punk" drumming. So you don't need to be that great but you gotta be able to keep some sort of rhythm. The others I don't know.

Well glad to hear you're doing something with them instead of just letting them sit around. Good luck with all that stuff I guess. And getting out in the world more again.

Yeah they are. They're both okay. You mean for papers? Yeah she does.


2014-09-08 03:02:25

Hopefully someone will ask about the Bitey shirt, then she can sing the praises of Newgrounds on our behalf. I put some money down on Krinkel's game, scary to think I might have to add more just to see it through :\

Been busy lately since my sis left, ignoring the outside work for a moment, haven't made shit from farming yet, gots tons of mini pumpkins though. Night man, glad you're back. Any new tunes recorded?

Viper responds:

Yeah maybe. Though I suggested Newgrounds to her and she wasn't too "into" it. Never explained why. Might be because she mainly used her phone for internet and wasn't too thrilled with Newgrounds' lack of a mobile version. I wasn't entirely sure what was going on with that. Must've happened while I was gone.

I'm sure you can make something off of mini pumpkins.
Night. I might stay up or just pass out soon. I gots to work tomor...well today, Wednesday, and Friday. I only worked Tuesday and Sunday last week. Which was more of a pain than you think since it means I'm getting like nothing in my next check.
Not all that many but I've been considering recording some stuff. Mostly haven't cause I didn't feel "inspired" to write anything lately. But I've been digging into what I have in my music library and into bands I've been meaning to listen to and I'm starting to want to pick up my guitar and record something. Might even snipe a drummer from my sister's Alice Cooper tribute band to do drums haha. Seriously there are 5 people in the band and THREE of them can play drums.


2014-09-08 02:45:05

Aw shit, did you vote this month?

Viper responds:

Nah I didn't :/ first time I've missed it in awhile....oh well. Guess this month is a chance for me to start fresh.


2014-09-08 02:44:16

My supporter upgrade runs out exactly one month from now.. yours is 12/25? I'm tired, just about to peel out of here. Speaking of peel, I put an NG sticker on my Pop's trucks bumper, there goes the plain brown wrapper everyone likes to ignore... if Tom gets locked up for something big, that sticker could get me killed O_O Oh wait, this isn't @happylittletrees post....

Viper responds: gonna buy another one? Since I can use PayPal to pay for it I'm going to do that. Also gotta remember to get shit off The Behemoth's store.
I haven't put any of my NG stickers on anything yet. I have like 8 Tank stickers, about as many Angry Faic stickers, a couple Meat Boy stickers, and various other ones. But haven't used em yet. Also haven't worn my tank shirt either....when SCTE3 gave me a copy of Snow Snow For Lucy I got a box with a ton of random stuff in it and one thing was a Bitey shirt! But it was a Medium so I gave it to my gf because she wears small and medium shirts. I'd pull up the shirt, but I can't remember how to get to the page that showed every single item that was sold in the store.


2014-09-08 02:25:46

When the fuck did you become a Colonel?!?!!11 I was gonna lurk your BBS posts, but saw that and... fuck :) Way to go man, depositing every day are we?

Viper responds:

I'm a Colonel? Hang on....oh yeah I remember that. Yeah I'm a Colonel. Became one not too long before my almost month long "break" I took from Newgrounds.


2014-09-08 01:59:51

Yeah, I was open to the friend thing too, no need to rush, kinda nice hanging out there. I've been out of the world for a while... pretty much since I lost that camera I just got recently. That's a long while dude.

Oh fu.. that's right, you got the center bits. You have yet to take a picture of the kinda BR's you got there... I can probably find the link to that hotel... Lots of shit hanging around, exposed wood to clean, it all gets wiped, or do they risk leaf blowers to do the dust? Or is it all radiant heat and no a/c/air ducts? Wall and ceiling cleanings always stomp the smells...

And she lives on campus now? Buy her a mace (spraying) ring or something.... maybe a cattle prod. They make 'cellphones' that can taze or spray...

Viper responds:

Yeah it's always nice getting new friends after you haven't had any for awhile ._. S'why I like hanging out with Chelsea so much. Not just cause shes my gf, but also because we're really really good friends as well as us doin the whole dating stuff :P I'm also buddy buddy with her cousins and her one brother but hardly ever talk to her other brother because hes always working out at the gym.

Yeah I's a pain when people are going around in the building cause I tend to have people screwing up what I JUST cleaned. You most likely can. It's not that hard to find it considering it's one of the most visited state parks in the country. We get like 2 million visitors a year there. And between 150,000-200,000 a month. And I honestly don't understand why.

Yeah she does. On the 5th floor with 3 other roomies. Two are from Michigan and the other is from a town about an hour away from the school. There are two bedrooms and two people sleep in each. She has some pepper spray and this thing thats shaped like a cat head but you put your fingers through the "eyes" and the ears are VERY sharp and it's used to stab people. But shes in a safe part of Chicago. Shes like a mile away from Lake Michigan and thats the safest part of the city. I mean yeah people still get mugged or killed out there. But its less frequent than any other part. Shes also close to Navy Pier, Shedd Aquarium, The Field Museum, Lincoln Park Zoo, etc.


2014-09-06 21:11:12

How do you know you don't like drinking if you haven't drunk before?
I didn't like the taste of beer at first, but after drinking a few times I got used to it.

Viper responds:

Because it just doesn't sound even remotely appealing to me.


2014-09-06 14:28:52

Never had a chance to ask, but yesterday when I saw her... yiee, barely out of her teens! She did seem old for her age, but you never know. I still will go back there (since the bar next to me still isn't rebuilt from the snow squishing), but I won't make the mistake of asking to see her. If she wants to talk, and she spots me, fine :\

I guess you're responsible for a set number of rooms then... carpets clean, everything dusted, BR tile grout consistent (I scrape the stray grout from the tiles, so it looks nicer and there's no paper towel tearing), vents clean?! My Pop always (never lol) said, if you can't find any work, you're not looking hard enough. Guess the parking lot's pretty clean?

Oh, she's that far away from the station, how about bringing a bike? There must be bus service close.. ah well, going to work is plenty enough travel.

Viper responds:

Are you sure? She could just look abnormally young for her age >.> Well you two could still be friends. Just because your ages are different shouldn't mean you can't do that.

I'm actually not. The morning housekeepers do the room cleanings.
I on the other hand: clean 6 bathrooms, vacuum technically 2 hallways, mop 4 stairwells, clean 4 offices, periodically refresh towels in the pool, bring towels, sheets, pillows, etc to rooms, take out trash all over the building, clean windows, vacuum and dust the lobby stairwell, and straighten out furniture. I don't do anything in the parking lot. Thats maintenance.

It's about a 15 minute walk from the station to her college. I can't ride a bike ._. and no there isn't. And besides, it wouldn't be worth it to take a bus there.


2014-09-06 01:02:51

Worthless birthdays but not worthless peoples!
Expecially your GF! Getting you those om nom cupcakes that she made! She must really be smitten with youuuu! ;3

Viper responds:

They were pretty good :3 Yeeeeah :) then again she made em cause I mentioned that I like them.


2014-09-05 22:56:08

I was there at 8, and made a left turn to get something else. I'm too old dude |:

Eh, just stay busy till punch out. Why finish quick though, what's the point? Just spend a little extra time detailing shit, everyone's always touching something O__O doors, molding, headboards, the sides of bureaus...

Stiff upper lip, you'll get your pound of flesh (YUM!)

Check em before you wreck em sounds a lot like a song from Public Enemy "Chiggity check yoself befo you wreck yoself, because shot gun pellets is bad fo yo health"

So no visits this month or next month?! Fuck. Maybe surprise her one day, get an idea for when she might have spare time....

Viper responds:

Nah you're not too old. How old is she anyways?

There isn't a point. But I have had 0 things to keep me busy on those days where I get done super super early. Mainly due to it being dead there. As in theres almost NO ONE even walking around the hallways.


Yeah I suppose. But heres a link to a song off of it.

Nah. I was there on the 31st of last month and the first of this month. So technically I WAS there this month. I already know she has the weekends off. But I NEED to give her a heads up so she can meet me at the train station.


2014-09-05 16:33:26

More like poo, she rushed over, said she was really busy and left, though I did ask, and she said she'd be off work at 8.. but I don't know if I should try :( Still no idea on her.

What, they like you finishing early, do you punch out early, or just hang around wasting time, or doing detail work in the lobby, what?

Maybe they have to spread out the raises, no more than 1 at a time, so the bean counters don't flip.

Good price, boring trip, but at least you're not stressed with driving up there, killing your van/car. Going to Philly takes me an hour (lol, if I pay 7$ each way, otherwise... O_O), any pussy should be able to drive an hour.. but more than that, fuck it, be at the mercy of mass transit (and keep your ears peeled for fuckups and reroutes)

Viper responds:

Oh okay. So you should try at 8. Who knows. Maybe you'll get lucky. not that kind of "get lucky".

No. I can't punch out early. I have to stay there the whole night. The ONLY way I can go early is if it's completely dead there and I haven't gotten any calls or almost none all night and have gotten done really early. Like Tuesday. I was supposed to work til 11 but I got done with EVERYTHING by like 9:30. What you can do if you get done that early is I have to call (or text) one of my bosses (I TECHNICALLY have 3) and ask if I can go early due to it being dead and all that. But they can also not allow me to go if they want. Whenever I'm running ahead of schedule I hang out in the laundry room. Even though it's usually 20 degrees hotter than any other room in the building.

That'd make sense. But my dad got a raise relatively soon after the other dude did. But that was because he'd been there for 2 years. So he is making $9.25 whereas I'm still stuck at $8.50 I was SUPPOSED to go up to $9 when I hit 3 months.

Yeah I suppose it's a relatively good deal even though it's a very boring ride up there. I'm going up there again in November and December. November I was SUPPOSED to see Amon Amarth, Skeletonwitch, and Sabaton but those plans might be cancelled due to Chelsea not knowing if she can go from lack of money. December we're going to see Opeth, In Flames, and Red Fang. In November we're planning on going to The Art Institute and then to Kuma's in Chicago. Dunno what all we're doing in December though. When I went there last time we went to a place called Reckless Records and bought a copy of an album by a band called Sir Albert Cloudesley Shovell. The album is titled "Check 'Em Before You Wreck 'Em" and sounds like mid-70s Deep Purple mixed with bands like Budgie, Buffalo, and later 70s Sabbath.


2014-09-04 22:14:18

I missed seeing this one young woman today... gonna try again tomorrow. She seems to be what I'm looking for.

Improve on what? It might be bullshit, just to save a few beans. I wouldn't worry about he other guy, unless you think you can snag some cellphone recording of him being an ass... he'll probably get fired soon... people who act like that and don't get caught, get worse, then do get caught.

Sounds like a shit commute to see your love. How much is the train ride? Getting used to the big city to the north?

Viper responds:

Fucking woo! My internet is working on my computer now.

That sucks....yeah I suggest trying again tomorrow.

Like shit like smiling more and working faster. Even though if I do that second one I'm going to get done with like 2 hours left to spare. I already get done with like an hour to spare. What more do they want in that regard? Also that other dude is okay. We chat a lot when we both work. But it's bullshit that he gets his raise and evaluation on time and yet I have to wait almost a month to get my evaluation and am told I need to work on stuff when I do better than he does.

Yeah....but what can ya do? The train ride there was only $7. Not really.....not used to being in a city that big. Though it didn't seem very "city like" to me. It just seemed like a bigger version of a town I go to periodically.


2014-09-04 11:54:29

How far away is her college from you? How's (the hotel) work, will you be getting a raise anytime soon? Still doing the paper route? How's the van?

Now if only I could find a GF....

Viper responds:

This us how it works for seeing her. I gotta drive for 30 minutes to get to a train station then take a 1 1/2 hoe long train ride there. So about 2 hours. She's up in Chicago and going to Columbia college. Its like right next to lake Michigan and near Lincoln park zoo and navy pier.
I was up for a raise last month due to my being there for 3 months. But my evaluation didn't happen til this Tuesday and apparently I need to improve on things before I get my raise and they're giving me another 3 weeks got that. It makes 0 sense because a guy I work with got his raise immediately after the probation period thing and he yells at guests and I get done with my sit faster than he does.
The band fine. Neither have ac still though.

Ah I'm sure you'll find one. You just his look in the right places and know what you're trying to find in a gf.


2014-09-04 02:57:42

They've got them too, but if you want a full size keyboard, get the right wire adapter and plug it in!
I saw one of the little case keyboards on but the ratings were shit, went for about 20$

How's your girl, the cats, your little brother, your dad and sister? Is your roof going to protect you from this coming winter?!?!

Viper responds:

I could....But I don't know. I may just stick with this.

Yeah I can imagine that they were. Seems like something thatd be hard to implement perfectly.

She's doing good. Started college Tuesday and was up to see her Sunday and Monday since she lives in a dorm. Cats are good. Family is too. It should. It withstood the last winter so that's something.


2014-09-04 01:35:52

Better on-screen keyboard
Plug one in?

Viper responds:

Hmm. Well I mean like one you hook your phone into that makes it laptop like. Like it'd give you a keyboard like one of those phones that slide to show a full keyboard like my old phone.


2014-09-03 23:43:41

It's weird, it's like the more recent stuff died off first, like the edited stuff for the show, but the older stuff is okay. Gonna take a while to spot check and rewind them.... a damn long while |: And the shot logs I wrote, are vague memories at best... it's hard to describe scenes sometimes.

It's going to be like trimming lettuce blindfolded (converting the good stuff to digital), then making a salad in slow motion (editing video is always like that, even in this day and age)....

The tech sounds snazzy, but doesn't that shit make you go blind? Be great if you could plug a mini USB keyboard into it, maybe get a Fresnel lens...

(Updated ) Viper responds:

That is pretty weird.... I'm sure you'll be able to do it though.

Pretty good description haha

Nah that's just jerking it and staring into the sun. Or doing both at the same time. I dunno if they make mini USB keyboards for this kinda thing. It'd be pretty cool if they did though.


2014-09-03 21:26:18

Gob man, are you still on a PS3? I finally got a Hi8 camera like I used to use, only a lot of tapes aren't playing back anything - the fucking things are blank! It's going to take a while to see which tapes survived sitting for 15 years... glad VHS never had that trouble :\

Viper responds:

Nah. Got a phone upgrade finally and went from my chappy phone to this Galaxy S4. It's okay but I hate typing and browsing the Internet on it.
That sucks dude. Hope a at least some survived.